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Pet Grooming Services

Are you clothes covered in fur? Are long nails catching on the carpet or tap dancing on the kitchen floor? Give us a call! It just might be time for a grooming appointment.

Our Grooming Services

Our expert groomer has the skills needed to gently groom dogs and cats of all breeds, coat types, and treatment needs. Toy Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Mastiffs, Maine Coons - you name it!

We offer a complete list of grooming services and treatments that will leave your pet smelling fresh, looking beautiful, and feeling great. Sign up for a Customer Loyalty Card and get 50% off your 6th grooming visit!

Here are just a few ways our groomer can help your pet feel their best and look great, too:

  • Grooming sessions includes a refreshing bath, personalized haircut, nail trim, and ear cleaning.
  • Anal gland expressions, ear plucking services, and medicated baths are available upon request.

Pets deserve to be pampered, but in reality, grooming services help pets in much bigger ways. A matted, knotty coat and long nails simply do not feel good. Well maintained fur, skin, and nails makes for a happy, comfortable pet.

Most importantly, grooming is preventive! Grooming can help identify underlying skin infections, abnormal lumps and bumps, and external parasites like fleas, ticks, and ear mites. If we notice anything of concern while grooming your pet, we will let you know right away and give treatment recommendations.

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Located on Rt 73 (Skippack Pike). The hospital is less than half a mile from Skippack Village and Skippack Creek.

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